Mazda Recalls MAZDA2, MAZDA3 and MAZDASPEED3

Mazda recalls 174,000 cars that can leave drivers sitting at an angle and incline.

Mazda Recalls MAZDA2, MAZDA3 and MAZDASPEED3

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— Mazda has seat problems, enough so that the automaker is recalling nearly 174,000 cars to fix the problems.

Mazda says the 2011 MAZDA2, 2010-2011 MAZDA3 and MAZDASPEED3 cars have seat height adjustment lifter links that can break and send drivers sitting at an angle.

The automaker says the problem can be caused by a lack of strength of the lifter links or an incorrect method of attaching the lifter link push nuts. A driver may first notice noise and rattling coming from the bottom of the seat before the seat angle changes to an incline position.

Mazda dealers will inspect the condition of the driver’s seat lifter links and if no cracks are detected, reinforcement brackets will be added to the lifter links and the number of push nuts will be increased to two per seat lifter link. However, dealers will replace the entire seat adjuster units with modified parts if cracks are seen.

The recall is expected to begin March 31, 2017, but if you own a 2011 MAZDA2, 2010-2011 MAZDA3 or MAZDASPEED3 and have questions, call the automaker at 800-222-5500. Mazda's number for this recall is 0917B. has complaints about the Mazda cars named in the recall: