Mazda Recalls Mazda3 Cars At Risk of Stalling

Mazda recalls 144 model year Mazda3 cars equipped with the wrong exhaust valve springs.

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— Mazda is recalling 144 model year 2018 Mazda3 cars that may have the wrong exhaust valve springs installed in the engine cylinder heads.

A driver may hear an abnormal noise, feel vibrations and see illuminated warning lights.

If the problem continues, the engine will stall when the exhaust valve spring breaks, resulting in a no-start condition.

The automaker says no crashes or injuries have been reported and no one has reported they lost control of a Mazda3.

Mazda didn't say more about the recall and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hasn't released details, but 2018 Mazda3 owners can contact the automaker at 800-222-5500.