Alfa Romeo Giulia Recall Issued After Fires

Chrysler recalls 6,100 cars that may leak brake fluid, a problem that has already caused fires.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Recall Issued After Fires

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— Fiat Chrysler is recalling more than 6,100 model year 2017-2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia cars equipped with all-wheel-drive and GME 280HP engines after reports of engine compartment fires.

The automaker says brake fluid can leak onto hot surfaces due to contact between the coolant hose clamps and brake fluid lines.

Alfa Romeo received a field report in June 2018 from Belgiam about what Chrysler calls a "thermal event" in a Giulia Super 2.0L GME 280HP AWD. "Thermal event" is just a nice way of saying fire, so the automaker opened an official investigation and the dealer found possible contact was made with the coolant hose clamp and brake fluid line.

Chrysler says 21 vehicles were inspected in the U.S. to measure the distance between the brake fluid lines and coolant hoses and determined there were clearance problems on 2.0L GME 280HP AWD vehicles built between September 7, 2016, and September 18, 2017.

It was also determined this time frame matched when a new engine layout for the cooling and brake fluid lines was introduced into production of the cars.

Fiat Chrysler says it has received four warranty reports about the problem, but so far no injuries or crashes have been tied to the brake fluid lines.

Occupants may see illuminated warning lights, smoke or notice burning smells before the engine compartments catch fire.

Alfa Romeo dealers will install brackets on the brake fluid lines to prevent contact with the coolant hose clamps, but the brake fluid lines will be replaced if damage is discovered.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia recall is expected to begin January 15, 2019, but drivers with questions should call 800-853-1403 and refer to recall number UB9.

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