Porsche Will Have a Diesel-Free Future

Porsche bails out of diesel market after the beating it took from using Audi diesel engines.

Porsche Will Have a Diesel-Free Future

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— Porsche says it's had enough of diesel vehicles and all future models won't include diesel engines, although the automaker says it's "not demonizing diesel."

Management says diesel has always played a secondary role for Porsche sports cars, so dealing diesel engines out of the game allegedly won't be much of a problem for the company.

Porsche got caught up in Volkswagen's 2015 emissions scandal that continues to cause Porsche problems. As recently as September 2018, Porsche was included European Commission investigations into possible illegal activities with diesel vehicles in Europe.

Porsche didn't manufacturer the diesel engines used in its vehicles but used engines built by Audi, a choice Porsche claims has done nothing but hurt its credibility and image.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told German media that diesel technology has a place in transportation, but the automaker has went through too much even though Porsche didn't begin using diesel engines until about 10 years ago.

The automaker says it will now concentrate on gasoline, hybrid and electric vehicles, but past diesel customers will still have their vehicles serviced by Porsche dealers.

Although customers may have been surprised by the move, Porsche says it will invest billions of dollars into electric technology and half of Porsche models will be at least partially electric by 2025.

Update: Porsche to Pay $54 Million to Shareholders Over Diesel Vehicles.