Subaru Recalls Forester SUVs For Incorrect Labels

Subaru recalls 3,600 Foresters with the wrong wheel size, tire size and tire pressure information.

Subaru Recalls Forester SUVs For Incorrect Labels

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— Automakers seem to be having trouble selling new vehicles with the correct labels to indicate wheel and tire size, maximum vehicle weight, maximum number of occupants and things such as correct tire pressure levels.

Now the problem has hit Subaru and more than 3,600 of its 2018 Forester SUVs.

The automaker learned in January 2018 about the labels having incorrect wheel and tire size information, in addition to the wrong tire pressure recommendations.

Subaru fixed the problem during production but more than 3,600 Foresters had already been shipped. The wrong labels violate federal standards for vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds.

Model year 2018 Forester owners should follow the directions in their owner's manuals until dealers attach overlay labels with the correct wheel size, tire size and air pressure information.

Subaru says any affected owner should call the dealership to schedule an appointment to have the new label affixed.

Subaru Forester owners with questions may also call the automaker at 844-373-6614 and ask about recall number WTS-78. has complaints you can read about the 2018 Forester and other model years of Subaru Forester SUVs.