Jaguar F-TYPE Recall a Repeat of a 2014 Recall

Jaguar recalls 7,800 cars with frontal passenger airbags that may deploy when they shouldn't.

Jaguar F-TYPE Recall a Repeat of a 2014 Recall

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— A Jaguar F-TYPE recall will repeat itself after the automaker recalled the same cars for the same airbag problems in 2014.

About 7,000 model year 2014-2015 Jaguar F-TYPEs are recalled in the U.S. while another 800 will be repaired in Canada.

The automaker says the seat belt harness connector that connects the seat belt tension sensor to the occupant classification sensor control module may not be wired properly. This will cause a failure of the front passenger restraint control module to accurately detect if a child or adult is in the seat.

The automaker says the same cars were recalled in 2014 but were fixed using the same defect parts that were involved in the original recall.

If the system works correctly, the airbag won't deploy if a child is in the passenger seat because the airbag could do more harm than the crash itself. Jaguar says even if a child seat is installed in the passenger seat, the faulty wiring could keep the frontal airbag activated and ready to deploy.

Jaguar didn't mention why it took nearly five years to discover the problem, but dealers will need to repair the seat belt tension sensor harnesses to prevent the airbags from deploying when they shouldn't.

Owners of 2014-2015 Jaguar F-TYPE cars may call the automaker at 800-452-4827. Jaguar's recall number is H208.