Nissan Altimas Recalled For Risk of Fires

Fuel pump lock ring problems on 2.5-liter Altimas may cause fuel leaks and fires.

Nissan Altimas Recalled For Risk of Fires

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— Nissan is recalling 374 model year 2019 Altimas equipped with front-wheel-drive and 2.5-liter engines.

The automaker says fires are possible because the fuel pump lock rings may not be fully engaged.

This can cause a fuel leak, something dealers will remedy by inspecting the fuel tank assemblies.

Nissan dealers will tighten the lock rings if they are disengaged, or if the lock rings are detached the fuel pumps will be replaced.

The Nissan Altima recall will begin in June 2019. Customers with questions should call 800-867-7669.

Nissan recalled 2019 Altimas a few months ago for risks of fires, except the February recall was caused by the fuel tubes. has owner-reported complaints about Nissan Altimas.