Affected Component: AIR BAGS

Date Published
JUL 14, 2014
TSB Document
Brake-related vibration and pulsation has several causes that depend on driving style and resulting brake disc temperature, as well as environmental conditions. Both the intensity of the wear of the brake system and the type of wear depend on the operating conditions of the vehicle. The wear of the brake discs is determined by the frequency and intensity of the brake operations. Dirt build-up, exposure to sand, long standing times, and road salt or similar, can also promote wear as well as cause scoring marks on the brake discs. The driving style of the driver also influences the wear of the brake system. An overly-aggressive driving style, which results in frequent sharp braking, can lead to more wear (particularly of the brake pads). A gentle driving style can result in very light brake applications. If the brakes are always applied with little pressure, a rust film and other airborne particles may settle on the brake discs and pads. Firm brake operations can help clean off such build-up from the brakes.