Affected Component: STRUCTURE

Date Published
FEB 29, 2016
TSB Document
Xenon headlights are aimed too low or passenger side is too high. The customer says that there is a ?dark spot? in the middle of the xenon headlight illumination pattern over road. The customer says that one or both of the xenon headlights are aimed too low or do not provide enough lighting distance. The customer says the right side low beam is aimed too high or is not level with the left low beam. The ?dark spot? in the headlight illumination pattern is normal. It is a result of the geometry and structure of the xenon headlight. The xenon headlight meets all legal regulations. This condition is normal. Adjusting or replacing the headlight will not remove the dark spot. The driver side low beam is designed to be lower than the passenger side low beam to prevent blinding on-coming traffic. The passenger side low beam should remain higher to provider a longer illumination distance of the road. For general complaints about this condition, use the headlight check procedure in the Elsa repair manual.