Date Published
OCT 08, 2015
TSB Document
Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 91 number 10-59 dated September 15, 2010. In Mix (shuffle) mode, very long response times and subsequent malfunctions occur when the next track is being selected. Long response times also occur when the ?Return? hard key is pressed. In Mix (shuffle) mode, the previous track is not played when the ?Previous? button is selected in the CD control menu. A different track plays instead. In Mix (shuffle) mode, when the first track of the playlist was selected via the ?Previous? button in the CD control menu (rather than with the rotary push button), the track list shown in the MMI does not match the track list shown in the driver information panel (synchronization issue). In Mix (shuffle) mode, the current track is not highlighted in white letters in the MMI display. If the current track is selected again via the rotary push button, the audio briefly drops out. The current track is not color-highlighted in the MMI display. Audiobook tracks continuously fast-forward if ?Fast Forward? was selected in the first few seconds after the track started playing. The message ?Device is being initialized. Please wait?? is displayed when a second generation iPod Nano is installed. iPod locks up but is operable again after the iPod is reset. iPod performs a reset and restarts on its own. iPod is not detected when it is plugged into the AMI. The message ?Device or cable type not supported? appears in the MMI display. An automatic iPod upgrade through iTunes contained inoperative driver software. The customer may not realize that the iPod was updated and may complain that the AMI software is causing the issues. Because downgrading the updated iPod software is usually not possible, the AMI driver software (firmware) must be updated. The firmware update of AMI is not a ZUG update. Unlike ZUG updates, which are performed with an update CD in the CD changer, this firmware update is performed with a USB device connected dir