Date Published
JAN 03, 2014
TSB Document
Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 57 number 13-87 dated March 27, 2013. The door cannot be opened from outside with the outer door handle, but it can be opened with the inner handle. The complaint is often described as follows: The customer locks the vehicle and checks by pulling the door handle whether the vehicle is locked. When opening the vehicle again, the door cannot be opened. It feels as if the handle is slack. When fitting the Bowden cable from the mounting bar to the door lock, the cable can get kinked. In some cases, this can increase the inner friction of the strand in the Bowden cable. As a result, the door lock stays in pressed position or does not completely return to its zero position. When the Bowden cable gets twisted during the installation, the rubber grommets can get distorted. Consequently, the Bowden cable has a too-high inner friction and the door lock does not move to the zero position.