Affected Component: SUSPENSION

Date Published
APR 17, 2014
TSB Document
Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 44 number 13-44 dated November 21, 2013. Customer feels vibration in the seat, vehicle floor, footwell, pedals, or steering wheel. This condition does not lead to any handling concerns or loss of vehicle control. The customer feels the vibration while driving at highway speeds from 55 - 80 mph (88 - 128 km/h). This bulletin is not applicable if this vehicle has a Repair Authorization on this topic. If an applicable Repair Authorization is not followed, the claim will not be paid. The vibrations felt by the customer could be a result of the harmonic vibrations caused by the radial force variation (RFV) of the tires or an imbalance of the wheel and tire assembly. Tires with higher mileage and/or wear should be inspected to determine the best correction for the issue (repair or replacement). Tire life and condition should be determined prior to starting any diagnosis or repair for a vibration.