Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Date Published
FEB 11, 2014
TSB Document
Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 45 number 13-07 dated September 25, 2013. Steering wheel does not lock. Various warning lights are on. Steering feels stiffer than usual. The engine cannot be switched off. The ignition key cannot be removed. There are DTC entries present in the system (either static or sporadic). DTCs with description ?Brake control module - no signal/communication? are present in several control units. DTCs are stored in the ABS control module. This condition does not result in any drivability concerns. The steering system is fully connected. The insulation for the ABS wheel speed sensor is damaged in production. Over time, this can lead to corrosion on the wires and restricted functions with the ABS control module. Only the wires in the left bulkhead grommet are affected.