Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Date Published
JUL 28, 2015
TSB Document
The customer complains that the Audi connect online service in their 2011-2013 A8, 2012-2013 Q7, or 2013 A4, A5, A5 cabriolet, or Q5 vehicle only reaches 2G service when in metropolitan areas. This bulletin applies only to model year 2011-2013 A8, 2012-2013 Q7, and 2013 A4, A5, A5 cabriolet, and 2013 Q5 vehicles. For 2012-2013 A6 and A7 vehicles see TSB 2039515. The model year 2014 A8 is not included in this repair. Model year 2014 was the last year before the A8 product improvement and ElsaPro may classify these vehicles as model year 2013 because these vehicles are the same from a technical and design standpoint. But unlike the model year 2013 vehicles, the model year 14 vehicles already have the updated telephone module in the MMI. Recently, T-Mobile (the service provider for Audi connect) has repurposed some of the GSM spectrum (3G on 2100Mhz band) to maximize 4G LTE coverage in certain metropolitan areas. Devices that do not support 3G service on the 1900MHZ band (including MMI main units of the vehicles to which this bulletin applies) will only receive 2G service when the switch is completed. The change currently only affects the markets listed above, but will affect other markets in coming years. This bulletin will be updated to include these markets as changes occur.