Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Date Published
MAY 01, 2014
TSB Document
Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 35 number 13-11 dated June 11, 2013. One or multiple transmission-related concerns may be present. Harsh downshifting of multiple gears: 7-5, 4-3, 2-1. This may happen during just one of these shifts. A bump is felt after vehicle comes to a stop (2-1 downshift). Fluctuating engine speed after 5-4 shift with accelerator at 80-100% accelerator pedal position (kick-down). The driver information system displays the message "Gearbox complaint! Journey can be continued." After a key cycle the complaint is fixed. The vehicle was parked in gear lever position N and the ignition switched off. DTC P1724 (signal for immobilizer, short circuit to ground) is logged in the transmission control module, J217 (address word 02). Incorrect transmission software.