Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Date Published
JAN 11, 2016
TSB Document
Gearbox warning light on (DTCs P179E00, P179F00, P0700, P060A). The driver information system displays the message "gearbox malfunction: you can continue driving". There are two scenarios present. Scenario 1 is that entries are logged individually or in combination, with P179E logged first (using DTC environmental data).The entries are DTC P179E (Drive position sensor electrical error), DTC P0700 with DFCC 20196 (Transmission control system malfunction), DTC P1758 with DFCC 8464 (Terminal 15 voltage supply open circuit), and DTC P060A with DFCC 8126, 8345 (Internal control module monitoring processor performance) In this scenario, if DTC P179E is not logged first, this TSB does not apply. Scenario 2 is that entries are logged individually or in combination. The order in which the DTCs are logged is not relevant. The entries are DTC P179E with DFCC 8050, 8051, 8052, 8053, 17595, 17596, 17597, 17598, 17602 (Drive position sensor electrical error), DTC P179F with DFCC 8054, 8055, 8056, 8057, 17599, 17600, 17601 (Drive position sensor malfunction), DTC P0716 with DFCC 8096, 8101, 18153, 20738 (Input turbine/speed sensor ?A? circ. range/performance), DTC P171F with DFCC 8097, 8102, 18154 (Transmission input speed (RPM) sensor 2 implausible signal), DTC P0715 with DFCC 8094, 8103, 18161 (Input turbine/speed sensor ?A? circuit.), DTC P2765 with DFCC 8095, 8104 (Input turbine/speed sensor ?B? circuit), DTC P0501 with DFCC 8098 (Vehicle speed sensor ?A? range/performance), and DTC P2159 with DFCC 8099 (Vehicle speed sensor ?B? range/performance). Fault codes and DFCC codes must match exactly for this TSB to apply. The DFCC is the 4-6 digit code that is typically listed before the fault code. Incorrect driving mode sensor module.