Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Date Published
SEP 03, 2013
TSB Document
Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 61 number 11-14 dated August 16, 2011. Convertible top exterior cloth appears soiled. The convertible top is made of durable fabric that has been treated at the factory with a compound that helps repel dirt and water. With proper care, the cloth will retain its function and proper appearance for a long time. It is normal, however, for the fabric to change color somewhat as it ages. This is particularly true of lighter-color tops. The cloth tension changes when the top is opened, which can cause kinks. When the top is closed, the kinks improve after a short time. However, these material-related kinks can never be completely avoided. In addition, dirt and dust can deposit in the kinks. If these dirt and dust deposits are not properly removed in a car wash, they can contribute to poor appearance