Affected Component: STRUCTURE

Date Published
APR 01, 2013
TSB Document
"MWhite Wear Marks on Canvas Top. Wear marks appear on the convertible top on the left and/or right side C-pillar areas. A For vehicles produced to December 12, 2011 1. Replace the defective canvas convertible top. Refer to ISTA Repair Instruction 54 34 120, ""Replacing soft top fabric."" Note: The following repair steps must be performed before the new top is installed to prevent a repeat repair for wear marks. 2. With the defective canvas cover removed, the current main pillars must be replaced. Refer to ISTA Repair Instruction 54 34 996, ""Replacing left or right main pillar."" 3. The current locking mechanisms and bump stops must be replaced as well. Refer to ISTA Repair Instruction 54 34 196, "Removing and installing / replacing both stowage locks." The repair kit* needed is listed below. 7. Reinstall the removed parts in the reverse order of their removal. 8. Operate the top several times to quality check the repair."