Affected Component: EQUIPMENT ADAPTIVE

Date Published
JUL 10, 2019
TSB Document
  • Sorry, the NHTSA has not posted this TSB document yet.

You can still get the detailed info from BMW for this TSB. Call your local BMW dealer's service department & ask for a copy of TSB# 541409.

Wear Marks on the C-pillar Area of the Soft Top Canvas. Wear marks may form on the soft top cover in the C-pillar area, above or below the canvas seam and or along the seam. These wear marks may be visible on one or both sides and are generally less than 4mm in diameter. They are first visible as a smooth spot on the cover, and progress to a white mark. In severe cases, a hole could form in the cover material. 1. Improper limit spacing between the soft top cover and the soft top frame when folded in the fully open position 2. The seal carrier contacting and wearing the canvas top cover and threads 3. Tension straps and main bump stops out of adjustment.