Affected Component: FUEL SYSTEM, GASOLINE

Date Published
MAR 01, 2014
TSB Document
"E46 SULEV (PZEV) Fuel Tanks: New Warranty Parts Return Procedure. BMW of North America, LLC (""BMW NA"") will begin offering factory remanufactured fuel tank assemblies for E46 3 Series SULEV (Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle)/PZEV (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle) model vehicles with the M56 engine. Starting in March 2014, the initial phase of the remanufacturing process will begin. When this fuel tank is replaced and a corresponding claim is submitted for reimbursement, BMW NA will request to have the fuel tank returned to the Warranty Parts Return Center (WPRC) after claim payment. Please ensure that your workshop technicians and Parts department personnel handle the removed fuel tank(s) properly to avoid unnecessary damage. The E46 SULEV (PZEV) Fuel Tank Disposal Procedure outlined in SI B16 01 04 applies only to non-claim related tank replacements. BMW NA will not request that these tanks be returned to the WPRC IMPORTANT INFORMATION A ""used"" fuel tank is eligible for classification as ""UN3363, Dangerous Goods in Apparatus, 9."" The following requirements apply when shipping: * There are limitations on the amount of liquid which can remain in the tank: It MUST be less than 0.5 liters of fuel. * The tank must be placed in strong outer packaging; this topic is addressed in the procedure section. * This package is a hazardous material shipment; you are required to mark the package accordingly, as noted in the procedure section. * As the shipper, your center is responsible for proper packaging and documentation completion. * The shipping document requires the UN number, proper shipping name and hazard class (UN3363, Dangerous goods in apparatus, 9), the number of packages and total quantity, along with a shipper's certification and a signature. * The person preparing and packaging the fuel tank(s) for shipping must have received the hazardous material training per 49CFR 172.702 and the IATA regulations. Those training records must be on file at your center. The U