Date Published
MAY 01, 2014
TSB Document
MF56 Make Good Program: Install Accessory Roof Graphic or Mirror Caps. Due to production restrictions at Plant Oxford, certain F56 vehicles produced in May and June of this year cannot be built with the factory option for the contrasting roof and/or mirror caps. This production issue was caused by the plant expanding its paint capabilities to meet increasing vehicle demand. In a continuing effort to maintain the utmost in Motorer satisfaction, MINI USA is offering our dealer partners an alternative solution, the "Make Good" program. For all affected MINI F56 vehicles: * Produced from May 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014 and * Built without the factory order "Contrasting Roof and Mirror Caps" option (382 and 383) Your MINI dealer can offer these Motorers the installation of an accessory roof graphic or set of mirror caps. The Motorer has the choice of either the accessory roof graphic or exterior mirror caps, not both. MINI Area Manager (AM) "Field Authorization" (FAS) is not required. Note: For eligible vehicles (VINs) that are affected by this production restriction, the procedure outlined in this bulletin only applies to mirror caps or roof graphics installed by your dealer. Mirror caps or roof graphics installed through the MINI USA "VIA" (VDC-Installed Accessory) program are not eligible for reimbursement through this Make Good Program.