Date Published
MAR 01, 2017
TSB Document
?SATELLITE RADIO DETERIORATION IN RECEPTION QUALITY DUE TO NEW CELLULAR FREQUENCIES . INFORMATION Inform the customer that the introduction of these expanded frequencies by the wireless mobile providers may be influencing reception quality. BMW is currently working with the wireless mobile providers in order to improve the quality of reception and help alleviate the issues that are caused by the wireless mobile expanded frequencies. Once we have more information about this situation this service information bulletin will be updated. Currently Satellite Radio is provided by SiriusXM for BMW customers via geosynchronous (GEO) satellites located roughly above the equator. This means that the satellite signal to some parts of the United States can come in at an angle as low as 32 degrees to the horizon. Due to this angle, buildings, hills, trees, highway sound blocking walls or other obstacles might block the satellite signal coming from reaching the vehicle receiver antenna and might cause audio cut outs, unless the wireless provider has installed terrestrial repeaters. Reception quality decreases the further north you travel, as the angle of the incoming signal gets smaller. Also adverse weather conditions might affect reception. At this time, in the event of a customer complaint or inquiry on interference noise: Do not replace any parts Do not program or carry out other work on the vehicle Explain to customer about the new Wireless Communications Service (WCS) signals When investigating Satellite Radio cutouts or a temporary loss of reception: Please compare to a similarly equipped vehicle. Keep in mind the roofline of the vehicle, size of the antenna (sharkfin) and location of the antenna on the vehicle will all affect the strength of the reception. Do not compare a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) with a high roofline mounted antenna to a different vehicle such as a coupe or convertible with a much lower mounting point of the antenna. Replace no parts Do not prog