Date Published
JAN 01, 2015
TSB Document
"MSUBJECT iPhone and iOS 8.x Information. INFORMATION With the release of iOS 8.0, please be aware of the important functional change noted below: Scenario: z The customer leaves the vehicle and turns the phone off. z He or she turns the phone back on. z The customer then enters the vehicle, but does not unlock the phone prior to turning the vehicle on. Page 2 of 2 Result: z The phone reconnects to the Bluetooth system (normal). z However, the contact list is not transferred (not normal). z The contact list in the iDrive will be empty. z The call list in the Kombi will display only phone numbers, but no names. z The hands-free system works for accepting calls and conversing on calls started on the phone. Solution: z Prior to the customer entering the vehicle, he or she must unlock the phone at least once (passkey). With the release of Apple's new iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iOS 8.x software, there have been many questions regarding the new phone and software. The information in the attachment to this Service Information will help answer these questions. A printed copy can be given to the customer if needed. The attachment provides information on the differences between the new iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the previous versions, along with Apple software improvements in the following areas: 1. Visual comparison 2. Connectivity 3. Functionality Refer to the PDF file in the ""Attachment"" section of this bulletin for complete details. Information on the iPhone 6 is also available via the following website: NOTE: This SI will be updated as new information is received. "