Affected Component: STEERING

Date Published
APR 01, 2016
TSB Document
"Steering Assistance Failed After an Engine Start. Reduction of steering assistance after starting the engine. The DSC and steering warning lamp are illuminated in the instrument cluster. Check Control messages displayed: ""Driving stabilization. Drive carefully"" ""Increased steering effort required. Drive at moderate speed"". Control unit fault code entries: EPS: None ICM_25: 0xD01C0C - message fault (actual rack force, ID: AVL_FORC_GRD) - Timeout 0xD01B26 - message fault (actual EPS position, ID: AVL_PO_EPS) - Timeout 0xD019BF - message fault (actual driver actuator steering torque, ID: AVL_STMOM_DV_ACT) - Timeout 0xD016A5 - message fault (driving dynamics 02 check control display, ID: DISP_CC_DRDY_02) - Timeout 0xD015C4 - message fault (front axle electrical steering status, ID: ST_EST) - Timeout DSC_25: 0xD354EE - signal fault (actual front axle steering angle, ID: AVL_STEA_FTAX) - invalid No damage or other noticeable effects in the power supply and FlexRay EPS (electric power steering / electromechanical power steering): Flexray Transceiver switches itself off"