If a crack were to form or a seam were to separate in the heater core end piece, hot coolant could suddenly be expelled, increasing the risk of personal injury to a vehicle occupant.

Engine And Engine Cooling — Cooling System
Engine And Engine Cooling — Cooling System

Date Announced
AUG 04, 1998
Vehicles Affected
NHTSA Campaign #
Vehicle description: Passenger vehicles. A malfunction or failure of a coolant system component, such as a thermostat, water pump, or fan belt, can result in significantly increased coolant temperature and system pressure. If the indications of a critical overheating condition is not noticed by the driver, it is possible that damage to, or failure of, a coolant system component could occur.
Dealers will install a new design radiator cap to control pressure and provide greater coolant overflow in the event of overheating.
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