Date Published
MAY 01, 2013
TSB Document
  • Sorry, the NHTSA has not posted this TSB document yet.

You can still get the detailed info from BMW for this TSB. Call your local BMW dealer's service department & ask for a copy of TSB# 510913.

"The Door Springs into Pre-Locking Position. When the customer closes the door, it may seem that the door has closed completely. However, it is only in the pre-locking position, not the fully locked position. A check control message indicates that the door is open. 3.Close the front door and pull the outer door handle to the ""trigger point"" when the door first pops open. Measure the distance from the edge of the inside of the outer door handle to the metal door skin, as shown. The ""trigger"" distance should be between 24 mm-27 mm. Note: A scale or tape measure is physically too large to accurately make this measurement. A sliding caliper must be used for accuracy. Note: The door will not completely open when either in the pre-locking or the fully locked position CAUSE * Door adjustment (closing effort too high) * Incorrect routing of the Bowden cable (outside and inside door handle). Heavy accumulation of dirt and grime in the door lock."