Affected Component: ENGINE (PWS)

Date Published
OCT 01, 2018
TSB Document
  • Sorry, the NHTSA has not posted this TSB document yet.

You can still get the detailed info from BMW for this TSB. Call your local BMW dealer's service department & ask for a copy of TSB# B110113.

N63 AND N63T ENGINE: ENGINE OIL CONSUMPTION, ENGINE OIL TOP-UPS AND REFILL CAPACITY. Customers with one of the vehicles above may complain that the engine's oil consumption is "too high," resulting in engine oil top-ups and workshop visits to address the issue before the vehicle displays an engine oil service as being "due." When the vehicle's engine oil drops to the minimum level, a message will display in the vehicle advising the driver to "add 1 quart of engine oil." After topping up and continued operation, the "add engine oil" message may display again before an engine oil service is required and performed. CAUSE Engines that are fitted with a turbocharger, as part of their normal operation, will consume engine oil at a higher rate than a naturally aspirated engine (non-turbocharged engine). In this case, a "turbocharged" engine could require topping up of the engine oil more frequently.