Affected Component: FUEL SYSTEM, GASOLINE

Date Published
OCT 01, 2012
TSB Document
"N63 and N74 Engine: ISTA/D 2.33 Diagnostic Error in the Low-pressure Fuel Supply Sensor Value. INFORMATION When diagnosing the low-pressure fuel supply sensor with one of the following test plans and ISTA/D 2.33, an error will be encountered in the display. The value of the low-pressure fuel supply sensor will read 0 bar at all times. * B1214_DI6KNDR * D18KHDR * AT1214_DIKNDR * AT1214_DIKHDR Do not replace the low-pressure fuel supply sensor. The operating pressure of the low-pressure fuel supply sensor can found in ""DME Diagnostic Query"" using the following procedure: 1. Exit the test plan and return to the control unit tree. Page 2 of 2 2. Select ""DME"" in the control unit tree. 3. Select "" Call Up ECU Functions."" 4. Select ""Diagnostic Query."" 5. Select ""Fuel Pressure (Low Pressure)."" 6. Select ""Query Status."" The engine must be running to verify operation of the pressure sensor. The software error will be corrected in ISTA/D 2.34, scheduled for release in December 2012. "