Date Published
JAN 01, 2015
TSB Document
This Service Information bulletin supersedes SI B65 05 09 dated July 2009. designates changes to this revision SUBJECT CIC Headunit: Navigation System Road Map Usage. INFORMATION The Car Information Computer (CIC) began replacing the Car Communication Computer (CCC) on vehicles with option 609 in September of 2008. This change affected the navigation system road map data support process and the warranty spare parts processes for the CIC. For the US market, all vehicles come pre-loaded from the factory with the latest navigation system road map database version that was available at the time of vehicle production. Therefore, no physical copy of the navigation system road map data media DVD set or USB stick is placed in these vehicles at the Vehicle Distribution Center (VDC). NOTE: Additionally, all replacement CIC parts come with a pre-loaded version of the current available navigation system road map database installed. A set of DVD copies of the navigation system road map database, CIC NAVI Road Map North America PREMIUM, is shipped to all BMW centers through the automatic tool shipment program with each release of a navigation system road map database. IMPORTANT: Additional copies or earlier NAV road map database versions cannot be ordered individually! Therefore, please take special care to archive the CIC NAV road map DVD sets! The NAV road map data on the DVD set can also be installed into the Network Attached Storage (NAS). From there, it can then be installed onto the CIC in the vehicle, using the Integrated Service Technical Application for Programming (ISTA/P). For installation of the navigation system road map data media DVD set onto the Network Attached Storage (NAS), please contact your ISPI Next Administrator. In addition to this procedure, it is also possible to download the NAV road map data on the DVD set directly to the hard disc drive (HDD) integrated in the CIC by inserting the DVDs one by one into the CIC internal DVD drive. It will take approxim