Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Date Published
NOV 01, 2013
TSB Document
A Delivery Stop has been issued on certain 2014 model year F01, F02 and F15 vehicles produced from June 2013 to mid October 2013. A fault in the parking brake (EMF) switch could cause a Check Control message (Parking Brake Failure) to display. However, all braking functions, including the parking brake and switch continue to operate properly in this case. Affected vehicles in center inventory must not be delivered until the parking brake switch has been replaced. Parking brake switches for the F15 must be ordered VIN-specific. Update: vehicles held at a VDC (port facility) will have the switch replaced before release to a center. Therefore do not order parts for vehicles held at a VDC. Refer to Service Information bulletin B61 20 13 for the part number and complete instructions.Parts for the F01 and F02 are not available at this time. An availability update will be provided by November 20 (1 week).