Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Date Published
DEC 01, 2014
TSB Document
N62TU: EDK Throttle Potentiometer Faults - Diagnostic. The "Service Engine Soon" and DSC/DTC warning lights are illuminated. Engine enters the power reduction ("fail-safe") mode. The following intermittent and "currently not present" EDK related faults may be stored in DME fault memory: ? 2CF8 - Throttle valve potentiometer, signal; and /or? 2CF9 - Throttle valve potentiometer 1, signal; and/or ? 2CFA - Throttle valve potentiometer 2; signal. In most cases DSC fault 5F77 (DME invalid data) may also be stored in DSC control module. These faults are sporadic and usually not reproducible. Resistance fluctuation in the EDK harness connector is causing an interruption of the EDK signal.