Affected Component: WHEELS

Date Published
JAN 01, 2016
TSB Document
SI B36 04 14 Wheels and Tires January 2016 Technical Service. This Service Information bulletin supersedes SI 36 04 14 dated September 2014. SUBJECT: Rolling Tire Noise . INFORMATION: You will find that driving an i3 is very similar to driving the conventional cars and trucks you're used to drive, but turn the "Readiness" ON and you'll immediately notice the silence from the powertrain. Once you'll pull away, you'll notice how quiet the vehicle is. When directly compared to cars with internal combustion engines, ambient conditions such as wind, rain, rolling noises, and possible stone impacts to the under body or axle parts may seem louder. These louder ambient and rolling noises are inherent in the design of the vehicle and are part of normal driving operation. The emitted sound from the tires is a normal characteristic, inherent in the side tread profile and is not a defect of material or workmanship. In the efforts to lessen this characteristic, a new side tread profile has been implemented into the tire design. These newly designed tires are identified from DOT 2314 onwards."