Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:12V/24V/48V BATTERY

Date Published
DEC 16, 2015
TSB Document
This Preliminary Information communication provides information to the technician on the steps to diagnose and repair vehicles that may have a Service Charging System, Battery Saver message Or Malfunction Indicator Lamp on, and/or charging system inoperative. Technician will use Global Diagnostic System 2 and clear the Diagnostic Trouble Codes in the Hybrid Powertrain Control Module and the Battery Energy Control Module. Then turn the ignition off for a minimum of 2 minutes to allow the high speed local area network and powertrain expansion bus to power down. Start the car and monitor the charging system voltage. If the charging system is still inoperative there may be a logic lock condition. Disconnect the 12V battery and perform a Global Capacitive Discharge and repeat steps again.