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On March 3, 2004, General Motors notified ODI that it was recalling approximately 94,000 MY 1995-97 Oldsmobile Aurora vehicles equipped with 4.0L V8 engines (RPO L47 - vin8 "C") to address concerns with underhood fuel leakage from cracked fuel rails and, in some of the vehicles, cracked fuel return lines. According to GM, the nylon tubing (PA12) used in the fuel rail construction in these vehicles may degrade and crack.GM's supplier attributed the cracking to the combined effects of heat, time, alcohol fuel, fuel pressure cycling, and design stresses.in addition, GM stated that the MY 1995 Aurora uses a unique underhood fuel return line that may also crack at unusually high rates.GM dealers will install a new fuel rail constructed out of stainless steel in all of the recalled vehicles and will also install a revised chassis fuel return line in the MY 1995 Aurora. On April 16, 2004, General Motors notified ODI that it was adding approximately 389,000 MY 1995-97 Cadillac Seville, Deville and eldorado vehicles equipped with 4.6L V8 engines (RPO's LD8 and L37 - vin8 "Y" and "9") to recall 04V-110.the recalled Cadillac will receive the new stainless steel fuel rails.this engineering analysis is closed.
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