Air Bags

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If a 1995 Cadillac interior is exposed to significant water intrusion, such as from water leaks, a window left open in the rain, or driving through high water up to the carpet level, the supplemental inflatable restraint (sir) system sensing and diagnostic module (SDM) can be damaged.if this occurs, both the driver and passenger air bags can deploy when the ignition switch is turned on, even if there has been no frontal impact or a result of these deployments, GM conducted an advisory letter campaign, number 51-01-08 entitled "inadvertent deployment of air bags when interior exposed to wet conditions, " in February 1996.letters to owners mailed pursuant to this compaign warned owners to not start their engines if the vehicle interior had been exposed to substantial amounts of water.ODI has received a total 8 reports of inadvertent air bag deployment in 1995 Cadillac vehicles.
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