pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
73,250 miles
Total Complaints:
83 complaints

Most common solutions:

  1. not sure (39 reports)
  2. replace engine (23 reports)
  3. engine rebuild (11 reports)
  4. repair/replace rings (5 reports)
  5. replace catalytic converter (2 reports)
  6. replace timing chain (2 reports)
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problem #3

May 052012

Equinox LS

  • Automatic transmission
  • 24,000 miles

I started noticing gradually the engine runs rougher and rougher. I thought it was normal and the engine might be cold. Until one day while at a full stop on a red light, the car begun jerking and shaking. As soon as I got home, I immediately checked the engine oil. To my surprise and bewilderment, the dipstick is totally dry! No engine oil leak underneath. The engine is still clean from the outside and no sign of oil leak at all. And that's when I found this website via google. Based on what the original complainant went through (frequent visits to car shop, etc.), I just eventually decided to trade-in my Equinox with Acura. And also because I needed to top it off at least 3 times (1 gallon each time) in between oil change service. It sucks to pay for something that gives you anxiety.

- nashnj, North Brunswick, NJ, US

problem #2

Jul 182012

Equinox LX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

I brought my 2010 Equinox to the dealer because the engine started to sound like a truck instead of the smooth running noise that it was normal. The dealer called me that same day and told me that it need a new fuel pump, and that it was covered under the warranty. I told him okay, and asked when I could pick it up. He told me, and then he went on to say that they also did an oil change because the oil was contaminated. I told him, that's funny, I just had the oil changed the day before. He then stammered and hemmed and hawed and told me, don't worry about it we won't charge you. My next visit was because it was making noise again, and there was new squeaking noise that I hadn't heard before. I was told that I was down 3 quarts of oil, and to drive it 1K miles and bring it back for an oil consumption test. It is now Labor Day, and of course the service dept is closed, and it is making noise again, additionally, the car stalled while idling while I was preparing to drive. I have been on the internet, and have noticed many complaints with this vehicle and it seems that naturally, GM is trying not to publicize these complaints. But if this many people are having these problems, they need to address and fix the problem

- Bob C., Milford, CT, US

problem #1

Apr 022010

Equinox LS

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12,427 miles

As a consumer that works extremely hard for her $$$ I’d like to for warn you about what your future could hold if you purchase a brand new vehicle with GM Canada. I bought the 2010 Chevy Equinox – base model, no extras, brand new. I really love(d) this car, I was beyond happy with the look, the drive, everything ... that is until 20,000km hit when my car began to sound like it had a diesel engine.

I worked very closely with my dealership for the next several months to try and determine the cause. They changed belts and did other small repairs, however the engine continued to always go back to this noise? One day I was driving the vehicle and it began to shake vigorously at a stoplight, so I went straight to the dealership and they told me my car had no oil in it?! Weird, the oil light never came on! Nor did the engine light, yet the car was on the verge of the engine seizing – scary! So those sensors, don’t depend on them! I'm glad I was city driving, and not on the highway that day.

When I returned 2 days later for an oil change – I was told the car had a major oil leak. I live in a new home, new driveway – and there was no oil on the ground. Where is all this oil going? So I went on an oil consumption report to help GM understand the issue. For 10,000km I had to visit the dealership every 1000km so that they could monitor the issue. This is my oil history:

June 30th – 2 ½ liters added July 2nd – Engine required shampooing due to excessive oil leak, dye ball placed in oil tank to determine were the oil came from. July 12th – Drop off car for overnight service to determine were the oil was leaking from July 13th – Told a part has been ordered, gasket cover broke and needed to be replaced, once done I’ll go back on the oil consumption report. Still very concerned that I’m being told I had a massive leak yet no trace of oil on my driveway? July 26th – add 500ml of oil Aug – 1.5 liters added, GM recommends decarbonizing before taking engine apart Aug 22nd – drop off car for the decarbonizing, pick up then come back in 1000km Sept 8th – 350ml added, told I may need to have the engine pulled apart Sept 20th – Was told the car was fine, no oil burned Oct 7th – 1.5L added, told to call my service adviser on Monday to schedule the drop off and get me in a rental so they can take a part the engine.

I truly believe that because this issue clearly began back at 20,000km I voiced that I did not want them to rebuild, instead I wanted them to replace the engine. I’ve put so much money into maintaining the car that I felt it was only fair, but GM said their policy is to take apart the engine to find the problem. I once again voiced my concern that the oil & engine light did not come on, they said they’ll look into it. I also would like them to tell me if the line my vehicle came off of, has anyone else experienced this issue? Because I’ve read other people’s blog’s saying they had the same problem I’m having so I’m wondering, did their car come from the same line as mine?

I told them the reason I wanted (and felt I deserved) a new engine was because of the maintenance I’ve put into trying to prolong the life of the car by doing all recommended service. If you take the fact that the issue began at 20,000km and I’m now at 65,000km and its still occurring, plus the fact that they have no idea why it’s burning oil, how can they be sure it hasn’t caused any other damage to my engine? I’m not a service technician so how do I know that this oil issue isn’t contributing or causing other strains that may not be visible now however could develop down the line from this unknown reoccurring problem?

If I didn’t do all the recommended service I’d be ok ... well not ok, but I'd understand the rebuild. But why did I pay for all that extra service? To me this appears to be a manufacturer’s defect (unknown burning oil/censers don’t respond) and not regular wear and tear. I mean, hey, if the oil in your vehicle wasn’t an important factor, why do we all do oil changes? Aren’t we all told that by not doing oil changes along with other maintenance were decreasing the life of a vehicle? Yet I was told by GM Customer Care – “Ma’am, the issue will be noted on file for future reference” – that’s reassuring, right?

So, now, after I’ve been able to share my story I hope this helps you in your decision in purchasing a new GM, or any new car for that matter. I always tell myself to learn from my misfortunes and today I’ve learned that when I’m thinking about buying another vehicle I will buy used, for sure. If I knew that buying new would provide me with this kind of service and reliability I would have definitely explored more options. I made the mistake of thinking that by buying a new vehicle I would have assurance that I would have a reliable vehicle, and that with maintenance I could hopefully get a good life out of the car, for my family. I was mistaken. ☹

P.S. If I’m wrong PLEASE educate me cause I have no idea how cars work, I’m basing my feeling purely on business, product and ethics, so I’d love some feedback – bad or good please.

- cgallo, Mississauga, ON, Canada