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In November of 2014 General Motors (GM) announced Service Bulletin, No. 14232, "Special Coverage Adjustment- Power Steering Stick-Slip". The bulletin provided extended coverage for up to 10 years or 150,000 vehicle miles for selected vehicles equipped with a number of different electric power steering assist systems. GM stated that the condition could cause increased friction in the steering system that may feel to the driver as if the steering wheel was sticking but noted that the vehicles can still be turned but may require increased effort.In December 2016, NHTSA received a defect petition letter that requested the Office of Defects Investigation to investigate the problem addressed in GM bulletin No.14232 claiming that the problem addressed can recur and get worse after the designated repair. Further, the complaint said, ""...the steering gear and module must be replaced as a pair, and the older units cannot be mixed and matched with the newer ones. Therefore the BULLETIN 14232 is insufficient in replacing only the steering gear on 2010-12 vehicles. The control module must also be replaced. Then, the module can be reprogrammed to correct the problem."The issue of interest in this Preliminary Evaluation concerns a portion of the vehicle population covered by the special coverage, that includes the 2012 Equinox identified in ODI ID 10919921, which had the steering gear replaced under the special coverage but months later had additional steering concerns and repairs made that where not covered.A Preliminary Evaluation has been opened to grant the petition and to assess the scope, frequency, circumstances, and safety consequences of the alleged defect.Complaints relevant to this investigation can be reviewed at under the following ODI numbers: 11229647,11151681,11101375,11073642,11010453,11003952,10955473,10919921,10763008 10689932,10671557,10664687,10663350,10593429,10592065,10585476,10585365,10578397 10576350,10576237,10575693,10575389,10568774,10553691,10544155,10532766,10522936 10511658,10490295,10466485,10459331,10453002,10446790,10434128,10426992,10417845 10412535,10403168,10395532,10395171,10391948,10384211,10375515,10366297,10360999 10360599,10345626,10327809,10319530,10305569,10304769,10299745
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