Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

Date Published
SEP 19, 2017
TSB Document
17366 Stop Delivery Population Revision. On September 14, 2017, GM ordered a stop delivery of certain vehicles. Some vehicles have been removed from this stop delivery order because they were repaired at the plant, or had been sold prior to the stop delivery and identified as such after systems refreshed. The revised list provides the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of all involved vehicles in dealer new inventory. Until further instructions are received, involved vehicles that are in dealers? possession (new vehicle inventory) must be held and not delivered to customers, dealer-traded, released to auction, used for demonstration purposes, or any other dealer use. All GM Certified Used vehicles currently in the dealers? inventory within the Certified Pre-Owned Inventory System (CPOIS) will be de-certified. Instructions for releasing the involved vehicles from this stop delivery will be provided in the near future.