Date Published
NOV 07, 2017
TSB Document
This Preliminary Information communication provides information to the technician about vehicles that may have a content theft alarm sounding for no apparent reason. Technician may use all published Service Information diagnostics and has not found the cause of the unwanted content theft alarm sounding. Technician should use Global Diagnostic System 2 to review the Body Control Module parameters for "Content Theft Deterrent Trigger History". If the trigger is an Intrusion inspect for items hanging from the rear view mirror, solar powered dancing characters. When the trigger is a Glass breakage inspect the two rear quarter-panel windows and also in the liftgate glass. The quarter panel windows are attached to the body harness with a connector that looks similar to a 9 volt battery connector inspect them to be fully seated in on the glass. When the trigger is Ignition Voltage/Battery reconnect detected during a cold ambient temperature remote vehicle start event technician should call GM General Motors Technical Assistance Center.