Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

Date Published
OCT 19, 2019
TSB Document
UAS, UAQ, UCS and UCQ Radio Enhancements This bulletin involves inspecting and if required, updating the radio software level to:22.6 - DS, D2, DP, DD, DF and DJ vehicle with UAS, UCQ and UAQ radio. 22.5 - LA, LD and LX vehicle with UAS and UAQ. 21.9 - All other vehicles and radios. Customers may experience one or more of the following:Audio Distortion (DS, D2, DP, DD, DF and DJ vehicle with UAS, UCQ and UAQ radio). Menu bar at the bottom of the radio display is frozen (LA, LD and LX with UAQ and UAS radios). Can not change the time on the clock (LA, LD and LX with UAS radios). Anti-theft code request message. Backup camera screen is blank. Lines appear across screen. Radio control screen is blank or locked. Radio resets intermittently. Unable to adjust volume. Radio will not switch modes between AM, FM, SAT or Media. In addition, the following enhancements are included in this update:Carplay® connectivity improvements. Improvement to Bluetooth phone pairing. Improved sound quality when using a Bluetooth phone.