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On September 5, 2004, Mr. Robert galenty of iselin, NJ, petitioned the Agency to conduct defect investigations of certain model year (MY) 1993-1997 vehicles produced by DaimlerChrysler corporation.his petition identified three issues of concern: 1) fuel leaking from the fuel injector rails; 2) brake fluid contamination resulting in brake failure; and 3) susceptibility of the vehicle frame to damage while the vehicle is being towed.Mr. Galanty alleged that his 1996 Dodge intrepid had each of these three problems.concerning fuel rail leakage, DaimlerChrysler commenced a recall (98V-184) of approximately 722,600 vehicles to address engine fuel rail leaks that could lead to a fire, including those vehicles cited in the petition and the petitioner's 1996 Dodge intrepid.on October 7, 1998, NHTSA opened a recall query investigation (RQ98-018) to evaluate the adequacy of the recall remedy.that investigation was closed on July 8, 2002 without requiring further action by DaimlerChrysler.very recently, on June 9, 2004, NHTSA denied a petition (RP04-001) to reopen RQ98-018 after finding that there was no new information that would indicate any basis for reopening it.this is still the current position of NHTSA on this issue.concerning brake fluid contamination and frame alignment, a review of NHTSA's database shows no other complaints on either one of these issues on the vehicles cited in the petition.
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