Affected Component: WHEELS

Date Published
NOV 20, 2019
TSB Document
SI-eVT Transmission - China Variant & 9 inertia ring bolts For SI-eVT Transmission ONLY: Replace the nine (9) flywheel to damper bolts (68382486AA) when replacing the SI-eVT per TechConnect procedure. SI-eVTs built prior to January 11, 2019 had a 05192374AB level cooler. Using service SI-evT built after Jan 11 2019 with the 05192374AC level cooler requires new 68238385AB inlet hose and 68238386AC outlet hose. The service SI-eVT is shipped with a non-China wiring harness (68241331AC). China market replacement must replace wiring harness with 68368596AA. The China variant 68368596AA wiring harness has an interlock to the electrical charge door.