Date Published
JUL 22, 2020
TSB Document
Transmission Oil Pan, Heater (TMU), Tube or O-ring Applies to vehicles equipped with 8 speed transmissions only; if you have a leak that appears to be at the pan the use of proper leak detection is recommended. The fluid in the 8 speeds can be detected with a black light and there are aftermarket spray on leak detection materials to help ensure that the leak is properly diagnosed and not from another location such as cooler lines, heater tubes, or case porosity. Please note that the transmission pan gasket is available for many of the 8 speed applications FCA offers. Please review the available quick connect and transfer tube parts, as replacement of the TMU may not be required. If a TOC line connection is found to be the source, the quick connect may need replacement. If the leak source is coming from the connection of the TMU to the transmission, the transfer tube may need replacement. When parts are returned to the QEC the retaining clips (snap ring) for the quick disconnect fittings are missing. (This leaves a question as to whether the clips were missing from the assembly plant, or the technician removed them in order to make line removal easier.) Please return the clips with the transmission heater and note if they were not there to begin with. For any questions regarding transmission heater, contact FCA Redacted Content. If no response in 15 minutes, proceed with repair.