Affected Component: STEERING

Date Published
JAN 13, 2016
TSB Document
Steering Gears, Pumps and Hoses This tech tip applies to vehicles built before 12-23-2010, these vehicles can exhibit a squeak or rubbing noise when turning the steering wheel. Do not replace the steering gear, steering pump, power steering pressure hose or power steering return hose before investigating the dash seal ring. The source of the noise may be the sealing ring under the dash seal. To correct the issue apply MOPAR product part number 04318070AD (Silicone Spray Lube) to the inner dash seal interface and also the outer engine compartment interface. Do not use any alternate lubricants. If MOPAR product part number 04318070AD (Silicone Spray Lube) is not available then replace the assembly. Refer to TSB 08-091-14.