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Daimlerchrylser corporation (DCC) will recall 35,103 MY 2001-2003 Dodge Durango vehicles equipped with front bench seats (recall # 06V339, see defect report for details).the subject vehicles are equipped with either front bucket seats or a 40-20-40 split front bench seat.vehicles equipped with front bench seat contain an uncapped, unused connector located under the front edge of the seat.the connector provides power to the center console power outlet for vehicles with bucket seats, but it is unused in vehicles equipped with bench seats.the connector is located rearward of the cup holder on the tunnel for vehicles equipped with the bench seat.this connector contains a fused B+ circuit wire (that is continuously powered with the key off) and a ground wire. DCC determined that if liquid is spilled from the cup holder onto the tunnel, the uncapped connector may become contaminated.this contamination may allow development of a high resistance short circuit in the connector, causing localized heating, which could eventually lead to a fire.DCC will inspect the uncapped connector for corrosion, clean as required, and install a cap to prevent liquid contamination.all of the reported under-seat fires were on subject vehicles with a 40-20-40 bench seat.this investigation is closed.
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