Steering: Steering Wheel/Handle Bar

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On October 26, 2005 ODI opened PE05-056 to investigate allegations of loose or missing steering wheel or steering shaft coupling bolts in model year (MY) 2004 and 2005 Dodge Durango sport utility vehicles and MY 2005 Dodge Dakota pickup trucks manufactured by DaimlerChrysler corporation (DCC).during PE05-056 ODI identified 3 owner complaints to ODI or DCC, 21 field reports to DCC and 142 warranty claims related to the alleged defect conditions.the reports and claims included 8 incidents of either steering wheel separation or steering shaft decoupling while driving due to loose or missing of the failures resulted in a crash. PE05-056 has been upgraded to an engineering analysis (EA06-004) to continue to investigate the scope, frequency and safety consequences of the alleged defect.
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