Date Published
MAY 09, 2014
TSB Document
RHW RHP Radio Software Enhancements This bulletin involves upgrading the software on the RHW or RHP Radio. The customer may experience one or more of the following conditions. Navigation voice prompt is now announced near maneuvers such as exit ramps. Radio freeze when playing large number of .M4A or .WMA files,and recovers with ignition cycle. Battery signal strength display is not displayed into the radio screen (with iPhone 5). Traffic Announcement and Voice Recognition share the same volume control. Traffic Announcement volume drops after phone calls. Mismatch in the ?Distance to next turn? between the radio and EVIC displays. German translations are incorrect. Radio reset when copying certain .MP3 files from USB flash drive to the radio. Radio stations info is not correct into the right side of the radio display (radio menu). Radio mute issue in tuner mode. Preset loss during/after AF Switching. Erratic alternate frequency switching. Bluetooth phone muting during European traffic announcement. Enhancements to the loss of preset condition. Lost channel presets, home addresses, address book entries & Travel Link favorites. Not able to change default country and state then route. Unable to load .jpeg files onto hard drive to display on touch screen. Vehicle with Start/Stop feature, the screen will go black when the engine turns off at a stop. (International only). Cancel key inoperative after pressing the international button. iPhone 4 dial not possible after second call. Devices button disabled in VES menu. Unable to route to a recent route after a map update. Duplicate phone numbers in popup after pressing the international button. During active call and on hold, DIAL button should be displayed (not ?TONE? button). International button not visible. Point of Interest (POI) Search enhancements. Devices button wrongly labeled as DVD using the remote DVD player. iPod, track selection enhancements.