Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

Date Published
OCT 23, 2014
TSB Document
RBZ Or RHB Radio Software Enhancements This bulletin involves upgrading the software on the RBZ or RHB Radio. The customer may experience one or more of the following. When changing the language on the radio, the navigation may still display English. Help prevent navigation lockup. Ghost image of the vehicle?s brand logo on the display screen. Digital photos loaded onto the hard drive intermittently get lost. Sirius audio pop on power up. HFM audio pop on power up. HFM Mode resume with no information.SYMPTOM/CONDITION FOR RHB RADIOS ONLY: Trip planner does not save a route after is was created. Route guidance does not activate after the vehicle shuts down. Longitude entry does not allow enough digits. CD/DVD will not play. Navigation accept screen will not clear. Navigation shows ?acquiring signal? for an extended period of time. New navigation graphics.