Date Published
SEP 10, 2014
TSB Document
RHR Radio Issue Description: Issue 1: While performing RHR radio reflash (software update), on rare occasions, the flash can fail to properly update the radio resulting in the radio running in Emergency IFS mode. This error condition can occur due to interrupting the software update, background radio operations interfering with the reflash process, etc. The radio will reboot, but with limited functionality ( may include but are not limited to: NAV, Voice Recognition, Bluetooth, or AUX jack are inop, no available space shown on HDD, etc.). The radio can still be properly updated by simply reinserting the software update disc and performing the reflash procedure again. To assist in the verification that the radio is running Emergency IFS perform the 1. Power on radio~ 2. Press MENU H/K~ 3. Press System Setup S/K~ 4. Press Manage HDD S/K~ 5. Press Display Available Space on HDD S/K~ 6. When running Emergency IFS, all items under Used, Available, and Capacity report as dashes Issue 2: If you are having troubles connecting a phone or a MP3 player, try removing the battery on the device and then going through the pairing/connection procedure again. If you cannot remove the battery on the device, perform a reboot. Each manufacturer has a different series of buttons to hold down to perform a reboot. If the problem still persists, try the device on another like vehicle with the same radio. If you are having the same connection issues on another like vehicle, the device may be faulty or it may not be compatible with the RHR radio. Go to and click on ?Bluetooth Phone Compatibility Test Results? link for a list of phones that are compatible. For MP3 players and media storage devices, only .wma, .aac, .mp3, .sacd, .jpeg & .jpg files are supported. Remove all other file types and reevaluate the concern. Issue 3: If upgrading a vehicle from a low line radio that has factory installed UConnect