Date Published
JUL 31, 2014
TSB Document
RG3 RG4 RJ3 RJ4 Radio Enhancements This bulletin involves inspecting and updating the radio software, if required. ? Speed Camera UK & Spain complaining that the speed camera feature was not available with the latest MY14 software. ? DAB preset list on the top of the screen doesn't change while scrolling with steering controls. ? Rear view camera jitter. ? Tuner reception software enhancements. ? HVAC temperature control enhancements. ? SRT soft button missing for radios when vehicle is equipped with SRT feature (EMEA /LATAM markets only). ? Battery drain due to the radio and cluster back-lighting staying on. ? Postal Code smart speller logic enhancements (EMEA markets only). ? AM/FM steering wheel mode switch button not working (LATAM markets only). ? Navigation Lockout Disable while vehicle is in motion (EMEA markets only). ? Removed network status indicators for SRT/APPS. ? Voice Recognition (VR) says 'cancel' when starting (App) applications. ? iPod would not resume playing after a VR session or phone call. ? Removed the cell signal indicators in the SRT and Apps button on non-US vehicles. ? rear camera may show a black screen for 3 seconds upon going to reverse. ? Navigation would not start or would lose position. ? Removal of parental control under Apps menu. ? Turn by Turn navigation in the cluster set to ON by default. ? Transfer button does not pick-up and transfer incoming call. ? Some Russian letters are caps when they should be lower-case. ? Touch screen locks up in navigation, when Russian is selected. ? Address search availably when the vehicle is moving (EMEA markets only). ? VR messages in Spanish talks to fast. ? Recognition enhancement for Russian VR. ? Hands free audio too low for non-amp vehicle (KL). ? Intermittently ?Registration expired? pop-up appears on display screen. ? Arabic language for navigation only, not the keyboard (RJ3 RJ4 radio only). ? Incorrect time to destination, when